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Know How To Target Your Audience


The most effective marketing strategies are those that are targeted toward a specific audience, focused on key benefits based on the audience's point of view and interests, and delivered at an appropriate time -- when the audience is most likely to be attentive to and interested in the message being delivered.


Keep in mind that the perfect marketing campaign for one business may not work for another. To be successful, your marketing must be true to you, to your business and your customers.



  • What’s your mission as a business?

    • What gets you excited to wake up and come to work every day?

  • What are your business goals?

    • Think about what you want to achieve in the next 12 months.


  • Who is the person most likely to love your product or service?

    • What do they care about?

    • What motivates them?

    • What common personality traits or characteristics do they share?

  • Why should a customer choose you over the competition?

    • What problem do you solve for your customers?

    • What can you offer that no other business can?


  • How can you reach your target customer?

    • This could include email, direct mail, social media, in-store displays, trade shows, word-of-mouth, referrals, etc.

  • What are you currently doing? Is it working?

    • Think about your current marketing activities. Can you tell if they are working?

  • What does success look like?

    • For your chosen marketing activities, what are good measures? It could be store traffic, increased engagement with your social media channels, website page views, email clicks, etc.

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Thank You Sponsors!

Thank You Sponsors!

Thank You Sponsors!

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