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Economic Development Action Plan Will Be Announced Tuesday, April 2

MIAMI, OK -- The Miami Area Economic Development Service, Inc., in conjunction with Community Growth Strategies, LLC, will host a public meeting Tuesday, April 2, to roll out the Community Economic Development Action Plan.

The official release will be held in the Miami Civic Center, 129 5th Ave. NW in Miami, from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m.

"This plan is a direct result from input collected from concerned citizens who participated in one-on-one interviews, Zoom meetings, focus groups and our public forum in January," said Shannon Duhon, President/CEO of the Miami Area Economic Development Service, Inc.

Duhon added, "Without the participation of business, government and tribal leaders, this plan would not be possible. Without their continued participation, the goals of this plan will not be achieved."

The organization partnered with Community Growth Strategies in late 2023 and has been working with Jim Fram, the lead consultant with Community Growth Strategies, in the development of the action plan.

Fram will attend the April 2 meeting to explain and answer questions regarding the economic development action plan.

"We can't thank the community enough for its assistance in creating this plan," Duhon said. "And, we want to thank the community in advance for working with us on the implementation of this action plan and sharing in its eventual success!"

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